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oh, baby

Gain the skills, knowledge & confidence to navigate your baby's first year without...

spending your life on Google or reading boring parenting books.

Remarkable Infants is a 5 step online training for new moms focusing on the development of the whole child from birth through 12 months of age.  Stop going to bed and wondering, "Am I doing enough?" Learn a proactive approach to motherhood and spend LESS time worrying and second guessing yourself and MORE time connecting with your baby and taking care of yourself.




I love how all encompassing this training is. It covers nearly every aspect of a day in the life of a baby!

STACIE, expectant mom

When they walked you out the door with your baby, did you feel like you needed a signed permission slip?  Like, what?  Us?  You’re going to let us leave....WITH the baby?  Did they pat you and say....


"Don't worry, you'll figure everything out...!"

Since then, have you been bombarded with info from Google, friends & family, Facebook groups, Instagram, random parenting books and complete strangers?  Guess doesn't have to be this way!

Ever Wish Your Baby Came 
with an Instruction Manual?'re not alone.



Mothers today are expected to KNOW more, DO more and BE more than they ever have before. could take the words, wisdom and experience of other mamas that have gone before you and have them guide you along the way...from the comfort of your nursery glider?

And these mamas aren’t just nice, they are experts, too!






what if



        Ever wish you had a              in your pocket
that was an expert in all things baby?


MEET YOUR trusty














Registered Dietitian


speech pathologist

Occupational Therapist

Nicky & Amanda

Sleep SPEcialists



Each module offered attainable steps to take to help me fully enjoy the baby stage as well as the knowledge to help foster my baby’s development

CLAIRE, mom of 2







You deserve ALL of this.  And more.

The amount of information online is overwhelming. As experts & mamas, we’ve curated the best, most up to date information - simple, accessible & no fluff.  

Along with motherhood, comes the need for a unique set of skills. You'll cultivate these skills and learn to apply them easily and effectively to all areas of your baby's development. 

Confidence in motherhood is that euphoric place where knowledge, skill and heart all meet. You'll know you’re doing the best for YOUR child to the best of YOUR ability. 

When you’re informed and really tune in to what’s truly important, then you will easily connect and appreciate all the aspects of your uniquely remarkable baby.

Instead of spending precious time & energy on researching and second guessing yourself - spend MORE time connecting with your baby and taking care of yourself.  

How amazing to know the exact steps to take when you feel stuck.  Preparation paves the way for a more calm, joy-filled motherhood. Success comes to those who are prepared.

And the best part? 
You don't have to do any of this alone.

What's Inside Remarkable Infants?

In the time it takes to binge watch 5 episodes on Netflix you could learn information that will
change your babies life, forever.


Your words matter.

In Module 1, Adrienne, a Speech Language Pathologist will take you behind the scenes of a day with her infant son. You will learn easy, practical ways to build language rich interactions into your routine. These daily interactions build connection and a foundation for communication that will bless your child for a lifetime. You will learn about baby cry language, giving choices and over 25 verbal routines and songs that she uses daily with her son. 



Sleep IS a thing.

In Module 2, Nicky & Amanda, Pediatric Sleep Specialists, will teach you the ins and outs of baby sleep. Set yourself up for success from the beginning. They’ll cover setting up an age appropriate schedule, creating an ideal sleep environment and tips to encouraging your baby to sleep through the night. A LOT happens in the first year - they’ll give you the scoop on what to expect and what to do as your baby grows and transitions.



Books build the future.

In Module 3, Janey, early literacy expert will teach you all about ‘WHY’ we read to babies - covering aspects of cognitive development, early literacy skills vocabulary building, a love of reading and relationships/bonding. Then she will break down the ‘HOW’ including a look at your home environment, when to read, what to read and how to read.  This module is full of easy, practical things you can do to make reading an integral part of your baby’s life.



Play is everything.

In Module 4, Colleen, Pediatric Occupational Therapist will teach you all about motor development and milestones during the first year. Colleen teaches that play is the “work” or occupation of the child. It’s through play and interacting with you and the world around them that babies develop, transition and thrive. She will help you set up meaningful play to strengthen, nurture and guide your baby's natural development.



Let your baby lead the way.

In Module 5, Min, a Registered Dietician Nutritionist, will walk you through nourishing your baby with solids. She will cover when to start solids, what foods to start with and a method of feeding called baby led weaning. This method of feeding is baby led and allows the infant to learn to self feed from the beginning.  Min teaches how to build a balanced plate for your little one and guide your baby to a healthy relationship with food that will serve them for a lifetime. 



Exclusive community

You will have immediate access to an exclusive Facebook community that will feature live Q&As with our expert contributors.  Plus, you'll get to cheer on and get support from other awesome mamas just like you.  You're not going to want miss this!

Baby Sign Language



Adrienne is going to teach you the best first signs to use with your infant.  Sign language is a wonderful way to lay the foundation for communication.  Babies can understand and begin to use signs before they can form words.  It's a wonderful tool to have in your language development tool box!

hey, mama....  

Are you expecting or have a baby 0-12 months old? 

Do want to learn from expert mamas about baby sleep, introducing solids and naturally enriching your baby’s development?

Do you like to sleep?  Guess what, babies do to!  Learn the basics of nurturing healthy sleep habits from day one and learn practical, easy things you can do to set yourself up for success.

Do you think talking and reading to an infant sounds a liiiiitle crazy? You're not alone. We'll break down the research so you know why it's important and give you practical tips to incorporate talk and books into your day.

Do you ever wonder how infants build strength and motor skills? Hint,'s all through interactions with you along with lots of opportunities to move, stretch and try new things.

Does the idea of introducing solids make you uneasy?  Learn the basics of introducing solids in a way that is baby led and helps create a healthy, lifelong relationship with food.

If you answer yes to at least 4 of these questions
this training is for you!

THis all sounds amazing!

So how much does it cost?

When you buy today, you'll immediately unlock your lifetime membership link and dive into:

- 1 HOUR of detailed language building instruction with Adrienne, SLP (value $125)
- 1 HOUR of lessons on baby sleep and healthy sleep habits with Nicky (value $75)
- 1 HOUR of lessons on cognitive development & reading aloud with Janey (value $75)
- 1 HOUR delving into development and milestones with Colleen, OTR/L (value $125)
- 1 HOUR of nutrition & feeding information with Min, RDN (value $125)
- 40 page Mommy Academy Workbook (value $50)

Woah, CAn you add that in your head?  We'll help you. 
That's a total value of over $750!!

Buuuuut, let's be real.  We never drink hot latte's - we're moms!  And doing this virtually means we get to help more mamas and make the price much more affordable for you.  

In a perfect world, we'd love to sit down with you one on one and share all of our expertise, stories and experiences over a nice, hot latte...while our babies sleep peacefully beside us.  

4 Monthly Payments of $77

YES, these payments make it more doable for me - I know these trainings are invaluable! 

Baby is giving me a thumbs up!  We are ALL in, full speed ahead.  Where do we sign up?  

One-time payment of $297

best value! 

* EXCLUSIVE Facebook group with live monthly Q & As (value $150)
* Baby Sign Language lesson with Adrienne, SLP (value $35)


I have knowledge about typical development backed by research. And most importantly, I have a sense of encouragement from these expert mamas who have all been through the infant stage and know how stressful it can be. They presented the information in a way that put me at ease and gave me a sense of comfort and confidence. I feel so much more prepared to bring home my baby!!


Stacie, expectant mom

Want to give a gift that will keep on giving?!?!?  

the best gift

Check out as normal - then send an email to

What if I'm not interested in Baby Led Weaning?

Does the sleep module include "sleep training"?

What age is this course best suited for?

How long do I have access to the course?

I'm a busy mom. I'm worried I won't have time!

What if I'm not interested in Baby Led Weaning?

Does the sleep module include "sleep training"?

What age is this course best suited for?

How long do I have access to the course?

We know your time is limited and extremely valuable. You could binge watch the entire course in 5 hours or you can work through it at your own pace for as long as you need. The beauty of this course is that we streamlined all of the information for you - we are all about making your life easier!

I'm a busy mom. I'm worried I won't have time!

What if I'm not interested in Baby Led Weaning?

Does the sleep module include "sleep training"?

What age is this course best suited for?

How long do I have access to the course?

I'm a busy mom. I'm worried I won't have time!

This is a lifetime access course! We want you to be able to watch, absorb and then implement. But, we also want you to be able to come back again and again to refresh yourself and be inspired. We recommend watching more than once because we are willing to bet you get something different out of it each time!

What if I'm not interested in Baby Led Weaning?

Does the sleep module include "sleep training"?

What age is this course best suited for?

How long do I have access to the course?

I'm a busy mom. I'm worried I won't have time!

This course is very specific to babies 0-12 months, but even great for expecting parents. The earlier in your infants life you can learn this information, the better! All content is focused on infants - their sleep habits/routines - their cognitive, language and motor development - and introducing solids in a baby led way. As babies mature and get older everything will change.

What if I'm not interested in Baby Led Weaning?

Does the sleep module include "sleep training"?

What age is this course best suited for?

How long do I have access to the course?

I'm a busy mom. I'm worried I won't have time!

The short answer is, no. This course focuses on understanding how baby sleep works and things you can do to implement healthy sleep habits from the start. Depending on your baby, you may not need to "sleep train" at all. Our sleep expert Nicky has individualized sleep training programs available through Little Ones, Ltd. if you feel you need more detailed instruction and help troubleshooting your babies sleep.

What if I'm not interested in Baby Led Weaning?

Does the sleep module include "sleep training"?

What age is this workshop best suited for?

How long do I have access to the workshop?

I'm a busy mom. I'm worried I won't have time!

Hey, mama, that is okay! Baby led weaning is just one way of feeding your baby. It's not the only way and it's not the "right" way. There is invaluable feeding and nutritional information for your infant regardless of the method of feeding that you choose.

frequently asked questions

Language Development with Adrienne, SLP

• Baby Cry Language & Giving Choices
• 25 Verbal Routines & Songs

Baby Sleep with Nicky, Sleep Specialist

• Understanding Baby Sleep 
• Creating Healthy Sleep Habits
• What to Expect in Year One

Cognitive Development with Janey, M.A.

• Research on Reading to Babies
• Practical tips for the What, When, Where &    How on Reading to Babies

Motor Development & Play with Colleen, OTR/L

• Understanding Baby Development
• First Year Milestones
• How to Set up Meaningful Play for Each Stage

Infant Nutrition with Min, RDN

• Starting Solids with Your Baby
• Detailed Info on Baby Led Weaning
• Building a Balanced Plate

Remarkable Infants Training Checklist
Accountability Tracker

Email Support

Workbook (50 pgs), includes:

• Language Milestone Checklist
• Verbal Routines
• Year One Sleep Journey
• Baby Nap Scheduler
• First Year Booklist
• Motor Development Milestones Checklist
• Meaningful Play Ideas for each stage
• 100 First Foods
• 100 First Foods Diary


Facebook Community with Q&As & support from experts
Sign Language Mini Course with Adrienne, SLP


The only training for new moms that teaches a comprehensive 
approach to your baby's development in the first year.

what's included?





your price!

After completing all of the lessons, if you  don’t have a better understanding of your baby, if you don’t feel more confident and assured as a mother, if you don’t feel we gave you simple steps to easily build these concepts into your life THEN...send us an email within 30 days of purchasing, explaining how the training didn’t deliver on it’s promise and we will send you a full refund.