Ditch the overwhelm & raise a happy, thriving baby.

 Ditch the overwhelm & raise a happy, thriving baby.

Remarkable Infants is the baby prep course every soon-to-be mama needs, lovingly taught by 5 child-development-experts-slash-moms who get it.

Learn all the Things.  Then follow your heart.


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Well, mama-to-be, you’re not wrong-- it is about all that. But, it’s also one of the most important, foundational years in your little love’s life.

 Just think: in 12 months, they go from being a soft and squishy newborn to a (relatively) independent little person, with a brain that’s double its newborn size!

Prepare for baby’s first year of life and your first year of motherhood.

Still thinking the first year is just for eating, sleeping, snuggling, and pooping?

Going beyond basic care and helping your baby thrive requires a little BTS knowledge, some pro tips, and a few tricks up your sleeve. But with all the fear-based baby info and mom-shaming junk that’s out there, finding trustworthy, research-backed information and training is not for the faint of heart!

But, to encourage further development, your baby needs your support.

Helping your baby’s skills bloom is super easy and fun to do...if you know what you should be doing.

Because they don’t teach this stuff almost anywhere, most new moms don’t!

Babies are born CAPABLE and rearing to learn. They know SO MUCH!!

Think about it: Your birth plan carries you through labour & delivery.
Baby classes teach you to swaddle and breastfeed.  What about everything else?!

IF ONLY you could learn from industry-leading, child-development experts... 

good news

bad news


You may have seen our industry leading experts in:

“I have knowledge about typical development backed by research. And most importantly, I have a sense of encouragement from these expert mamas who have all been through the infant stage and know how stressful it can be. They presented the information in a way that put me at ease and gave me a sense of comfort and confidence.

-Stacie, mom to be

"I have a game plan!"

Do your future, new-mom self a solid. Prepare for baby now. 

The best time to prepare for baby is before baby gets here! Because, by the time 4th trimester survival mode hits you’ll be living that newborn life, complete with:

All the diapers
None of the sleep
VERY limited capacity to take things on
ZERO desire to do anything but snuggle,
which is the BEST!

At this moment in time, you’ve got a few free moments to yourself and, let’s be honest, all you’re thinking about is baby anyway. (Well, baby and birth!)


From one mother to another: you’re already enough.

“Before this course, I felt confident that I would be able to provide the basic care that my baby needed, but I wanted to do more than just that. The Remarkable Infants course really did provide a wealth of information to start working towards these goals from day one! After the course, I felt empowered to raise up the whole child-- not just meeting his basic baby needs, but addressing his intellectual, linguistic and nutritional needs as well-- all while keeping it fun and making sure we were getting our rest, too!”

— tristin, mom of newborn

For a first year that’s more than just changes & feedings.

"And another one-liner highlight from your client's testimonial you are going to want to add the entire thing hear to really drive home how awesome people think your course or product is."

- Samantha

“This program has gotten me my dream clients!”

The best way to find trustworthy information about baby’s first year is to already have it locked and as loaded as those diapers you’re about to change, before you really need it.

Advice is good.
Intuition is great. Knowing is better.

We love other people, but at the end of the day, the only one raising that little baby is you!









Remarkable Infants is your motherhood pre-requisite; your fast-track to fully enjoying baby’s first year.


Unsolicited Advice

Boring Books

Social Media Overload

Unreliable Blogs

Instead of trying to make sense of all the new baby noise, sign up for Remarkable Infants and learn from Mommy Academy’s team of professionally trained, certified baby development experts!

You’ll skip the overwhelm and go directly to happy, confident motherhood. 

let's go girls!!

Your one-stop-shop for the expert education and practical skills you need to feel confident as a new mom.


Remarkable Infants

Knowledge: Research-backed, up-to-date information made simple & accessible.

How does this sound?

Skills: Training on the essential (and easy-to-learn) skills all new moms need.



This all-inclusive, 5-hour video training teaches soon-to-be mamas how to help their babies thrive, with:

Confidence: Find the sweet spot where heart and skill meet (and mamas & babies beam!).


Connection: Being informed frees you up to enjoy your days & be fully present.


Balance: Less time Googling = more time taking care of your baby and yourself!



Preparation: Knowing what to expect makes motherhood simpler & more joyful.

All this and more...

Learn on your own time. Chip away at your course material over a few days, or binge-watch it like the newest season of Big Little Lies.


What good is learning about baby’s first year if you don’t know how to spend it? We teach all the easy, everyday, real-life skills moms need. No fluff!


We’re your one-stop baby development shop! No need to spend hundreds of dollars & hours of time taking individual courses for all of baby’s different needs.





• Private Facebook Group with expert support
• Baby Sign Language Training 
• Top Ten Breastfeeding Tips

Grab your seat today & get an entire bonus suite!

4 bonuses!

Bonus Suite



Learn easy, practical ways to support language development with interactions that build connection and give your baby a communication foundation! Adrienne, our resident Speech-Language Pathologist, will teach you:
    • Baby cry language & giving choices
    • 25 different verbal routines & songs
    • Language development milestones

Janey, your pediatric sleep coach, will teach you the basics of newborn sleep. Psst...this is not "sleep training"! You’ll learn about:
    • Preparing for Baby to Arrive
    • The Fourth Trimester
    • Wake Windows & Daytime Routines 
    • Bedtime Routines & Naps

Speech & Language

Your Baby Can Sleep!

module 1

MOdule 2

Pediatric Occupational Therapist, Colleen will teach you all about motor development and milestones during the first year. You’ll learn all about:
    • The importance of play for babies
    • Tummy Time: Benefits & How-To’s
    • How to engage in meaningful play that guides development
    • Toy recommendations & play ideas by month

Motor Skills & Play

Module 4

Janey, early literacy expert extraordinaire, will teach you why and how to read to your baby. You’ll bond with your baby, give them a lifelong love of reading, and learn how to:
    • Encourage cognitive & literacy skills
    • Build your baby’s vocabulary
    • Create an environment for reading
    • Build baby’s first library

Early Literacy

module 3

Here’s What You’ll Learn


Early Literacy

module 5

Food & Feeding

Learn to nourish your baby with solids as Min, a registered Dietitian Nutritionist, walks you through:
    • When to start solids
    • How to do Baby-Led Feeding
    • Baby’s first foods
    • Building a balanced plate
    • Baby-friendly recipes

Your experts on speed dial.






Speech-Language Pathologist

Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Founder & Early Literacy Expert

Pediatric Occupational Therapist

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Adrienne is an SLP and mama of 2.  She is passionate about teaching parents the power of their words.

Janey is the founder of Mommy Academy, a baby sleep consultant and mama!  Baby sleep doesn't have to be complicated.

Janey is the founder of Mommy Academy, early literacy advocate and mama to 3.  She is on a mission to empower new mamas.

Colleen in an OT and mama to 4.  She has dedicated her life to bettering baby's and children's life through play.

Min is a RDN and a mama to 2.  She is a recipe developer and baby led feeding specialist.  

Intuition will take you far.
Mommy Academy will take you farther.

The best way to help your baby thrive is to connect with them, follow your heart, and support their development from day one.

Unlike other programs that only offer training in one area of baby’s development, Remarkable Infants is your comprehensive, all-in-one, baby’s-first-year manual!

This course is effective because it’s expert-led and covers the five intertwined aspects of your baby’s development in the first year: Sleep, Language, Play, Literacy, and Nutrition. These pillars work together to create the most solid foundation for a lifetime of learning & growing. 

imagine a world where you...

Drastically reduce the amount of time you spend on Google

Know exactly how to talk with your baby to build language skills

Can stimulate your baby & enhance their cognitive development with books & play

Never have to wonder “What should I do with my baby all day?”

Start solids with the confidence of a veteran mom-of-five!

We want this for you, mama! And you’re SO CLOSE to having it!

If baby brain has you going back-and-forth on whether or not to buy, don’t stress! 

We guarantee that after completing all of the lessons, you’ll have a better understanding of your baby. If you go through the course and still don’t feel confident and assured as a mother, send us an email, tell us where the training went wrong, and we’ll give you a full refund.
 (Just be sure to email us within 30 days of purchasing!)

money back 


“I had NO idea what to expect when bringing Noah home from the hospital”

Remarkable Infants teaches everything you need to know about what you should be doing with your infant - from eating to sleeping to reading, motor development, language development and play!  It was a breath of fresh air!


found relief & a breath of fresh air

Yes, It Really Works

"This course has completely transformed how I think about caregiving tasks with my daughter" 

Learning from Adrienne about repetition and verbal routines has completely transformed how I think about caregiving tasks with my daughter and how I talk to her. Even though she’s so young, It’s amazing to know that she can understand and learn from the simple things that I do with her every day!


FEELs Excited & equipped

"I can use simple, everyday objects and activities to optimize her growth and development." 

If this course was the only information I had as a new mom, I would feel confident that my baby was getting exactly what she needed for a healthy and happy infancy. I feel so much more prepared to bring home my baby!”



What if I'm not interested in Baby Led Weaning?

Does the sleep module include "sleep training"?

What age is this course best suited for?

How long do I have access to the course?

I'm so busy! I'm worried I won't have time!

What if I'm not interested in Baby Led Weaning?

Does the sleep module include "sleep training"?

What age is this course best suited for?

How long do I have access to the course?

We know your time is limited and extremely valuable. You could binge watch the entire course in 5 hours or you can work through it at your own pace for as long as you need. The beauty of this course is that we streamlined all of the information for you - we are all about making your life easier!

I'm a busy mom. I'm worried I won't have time!

What if I'm not interested in Baby Led Weaning?

Does the sleep module include "sleep training"?

What age is this course best suited for?

How long do I have access to the course?

I'm a busy mom. I'm worried I won't have time!

This is a lifetime access course! We want you to be able to watch, absorb and then implement. But, we also want you to be able to come back again and again to refresh yourself and be inspired. We recommend watching more than once because we are willing to bet you get something different out of it each time!

What if I'm not interested in Baby Led Weaning?

Does the sleep module include "sleep training"?

What age baby is this course best suited for?

How long do I have access to the course?

I'm so busy!  Will I have time to do this?

This course is perfect for expecting mamas or mamas of wee ones (0-4 months).  We cover the entire first year (0-12 months), but the earlier you can learn this information, the better! All content is focused on infants 0-12 months. 

What if I'm not interested in Baby Led Weaning?

Does the sleep module include "sleep training"?

What age is this course best suited for?

How long do I have access to the course?

I'm a busy mom. I'm worried I won't have time!

The short answer is, no. This course focuses on understanding how baby sleep works and things you can do to implement healthy sleep habits from the start. Depending on your baby, you may not need to "sleep train" at all. Our sleep expert Nicky has individualized sleep training programs available through Little Ones, Ltd. if you feel you need more detailed instruction and help troubleshooting your babies sleep.

What if I'm not interested in Baby Led Weaning?

Does the sleep module include "sleep training"?

What age is this workshop best suited for?

How long do I have access to the workshop?

I'm a busy mom. I'm worried I won't have time!

Hey, mama, that is okay! Baby led weaning is just one way of feeding your baby. It's not the only way and it's not the "right" way. There is invaluable feeding and nutritional information for your infant regardless of the method of feeding that you choose.

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