I spent a lot of time in the early years of motherhood muttering...I wish I would have known this sooner?!"

The learning curve to becoming a new mom is next level.  First, you have to keep this precious little one alive on a very basic level (harder than you think!).  Then, you're expected to stimulate and enhance their development...all while loving them unconditionally and enjoying every moment?!  

Do you ever go to sleep at night wondering if you did enough or if you're somehow failing your baby?


I'm Janey!

I'm a mom, writer, RESEARCHER, SLEEP CONSULTANT, early literacy ADVOCATE, and bubbly water afficianado.

Spoiler alert - YOU'RE NOT! 

hi, mama!

I've gathered the best experts and research based information to boost your baby's brain.  Learn the tools and strategies to unlock your baby's unlimited potential, today. 

You deserve peace of mind and confidence! 


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7 Simple Things Any Parent Can Do To Enhance Their Baby's Growing Brain

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